Craft Cocktails


Kitsch Bar presents

Craft Cocktail Expose

Thursdays 6pm to 8pm

Saturdays 5pm to 7pm

- The Craft Cocktail Expose at Kitsch Bar is dedicated to providing an entertaining, highly informative, hands-on learning experience in the world of spirits and cocktails.

- Classes will be long enough to facilitate an in depth understanding of the topics at hand, and short enough to remain fun. Each class is also a workshop with cocktail stations provided for each participant so they can learn from the best how to make perfect cocktails every time.

- You also get to enjoy your tasty cocktails after making them.

- Small appetizer plates will be offered during each class but we do encourage eating some protein prior to arriving to class.

- $100 per person

- Classes are 21+ only

- You will receive an email registration confirmation after making your purchase.

- Registration is non-refundable within 2 weeks of the class date.

- Coordinate ahead for transportation. Do not drink and drive.

- Classes fill fast so please email ahead for reservations

Please sign up for classes a least 3-4 days in advance to make sure you have a spot.  Last min requests are harder to accommodate.